Trendy Crochet Bag

The beach was an influence in the color selection as well as its design in this crochet project. The ocean waves meeting the sandy beach simulated by the increase and decrease of row-colors. This cute trendy little bag to keep your daily make-up, pencils, valuables contained. The pouches dimensions are ca. 8 1/2 in. x 5 in. (ca. 21 cm x 13 cm).

This project is of easy difficulty level.
2 crochet thread cotton (size 3), in two colors (blue-green, gold)
1 crochet hook 4.25 mm (G-6)
1 zipper 7 in (18 cm) long (color camel)
1 sewing needle and thread (gold color)
(optional: material for inside finish)

sl st slip stitch
cs chain stitch
sc single crochet

Choose your own color combination. My stitches are tight, therefore the hook selection is larger then the recommended size for the threads.
Start your project with a slip-knot and chain 40 stitches (in blue-green).

  • 1st round: 1 cs (chain stitch), 3 sc (single crochet) in 40th cs, continue with sc in each cs, in 1st cs make 3 sc on left loop-side and 3 sc on right loop-side, continue with sc in each cs, in 40th cs make 3 sc and connect with a sl st in 1st sc.
  • 2nd to 36th round: 1 cs, from now on 1 sc in each sc, and connect rounds with sl st in 1st sc. Except change thread colors in:
  • 15th round gold,
  • 16th to 18th round blue-green,
  • 19th to 20th round gold,
  • 21st to 22nd round blue-green,
  • 23rd to 25th round gold,
  • 26th round blue-green,
  • 27th to 36th round gold.

Finish crocheting by working your thread-tail into the inside of your project.
(optional: make material pocket for the pouch)
Hand-sew the zipper onto the opening of the crochet bag.

About Creative Valérie

Creative Valérie enjoys crocheting in her free time. Having so many crochet ideas, she likes to share her crochet projects with tutorials on her website as well as on social media. For over 20 years Creative Valérie has made numerous crochet projects for family and friends. Just recently she decided to take her hobby to the next level and share her newest projects on her website as well as on social media.

5 comments on “Trendy Crochet Bag

  1. Hello! I just found you on IG and then here. I’m going to try crochet again after 4 years. Thanks for the instructions and patters. This site is fantastic!

  2. This is a beautiful bag, and I love the way your colors simulate the way the ocean meets the beach. Lovely. I am making this today, although with different material (#3 yarn intended for babies). If I had thread I’d use it, but I will be coming back to this pattern when I’m not using it as a stashbuster.

    • Thank you, Camilla, I’m glad you like this pattern. Hope you’ll enjoy your little bag as much as we do. My daughters have this little bag for their pencils in school, with their favorite colors, though.

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