Square Crochet Pouch

A tutorial on how to crochet a square pouch. By using a decorative button, this crochet idea gains an attractive look. A little pouch for your make-up, coins,gift-cards, or for a woman’s necessity. This cute little bag (appr. 4″ by 4″) is a fun and easy project to make in a little over an hour.

Material needed
about 1 hours,
cotton yarn in favorite color,
crochet needle size I,
a button,
a pair of scissors.

ch chain stitch
lp loop
sc single crochet
sl st slip stitch
st stitch

Start your project with a slip knot and 16 ch

  • round 1: poke needle in second ch, work 15 sc, 1 in each chain loop on one side and 15 ch on other chain loop side. Connect to first sc with sl st.
  • round 2 – 16: 1 ch, 1 sc in each previous sc for a total of 30 sc connect last st with a sl st.
  • round 17 – 21: 1 ch, 1 sc in 15 previous sc and turn your project around. This is the first row for your cover.
  • round 22: 1 ch, beginning and end 2 sc combine 3rd and 4th sc, and 12th and 13th to decrease.
  • round 23: 1 ch, beginning and end 2 sc combine 3rd and 4th sc, and 10th and 11th to decrease.
  • round 24: 1 ch, beginning and end 2 sc combine 3rd and 4th sc, and 8th and 9th to decrease.
  • round 25: 1 ch, beginning and end 2 sc combine 3rd and 4th sc, and 6th and 7th to decrease.
  • round 26: 1 ch, 2 sc, 3 ch for the button hole, 2sc in last two sc.
  • round 27: 1 ch, 1 sc in first sc, 3 sc around chain, and 1 sc in last sc.

Pull yarn through and sew it into your project.
Choose a button and sew it on to finish your pouch.

Five Petals Crochet Flower

Follow the instructions on how to crochet this five petals crochet flower. A cute crochet idea for decorations of headbands, cushions, bags, etc. Let your imagination guide you.

ch chain stitch
sc single crochet
sl st slip stitch
tr triple stitch

Material needed
For this crochet flower we will need:
about 10 – 15 min.,
crochet yarn,
crochet needle (size E),
a pair of scissors,
a sewing needle (if needed).

Start with a slip-knot and 5 cs.
Round 1: Make 10 sc and fasten into the first sc of this round.
Round 2: 2 ch, 5 tr in the loop of the cr below, 2 ch, and sl st in next loop. Multiply this sequence 5 times.

Voilà !

Crochet Basket

Follow the video tutorial on how to crochet a basket to contain your yarn. Crocheting a round basket with cotton yarn by using a circular crochet pattern. This basket comes in handy whenever crafting with yarn. It can also be useful in bathrooms, on shelves, or wherever you may have it.

Material needed:
cotton yarn, natural color
crochet hook H-8; 5 mm
a pair of scissors

Start with a chain of 6 chain stitches and combine with a slip stitch.

  • 1 round: Make 12 single crochet around the ring of chains, mark the end of the row with a scrap piece of yarn, preferably a different color.
  • 2 – 18 round: In each round add 6 single crochets evenly, and mark the beginning of each round with the scrap yarn piece.
  • 19 – 33 round: Continue crocheting single crochets without adding single crochets, to make the basket wall.

At the end work your yarn into the basket.