Crochet Terminology

To make instructions easier to read, the crochet terminology is abbreviated. We use abbreviations and also symbols to describe the stitch made. See the picture below for abbreviations. For a crochet beginner, tutorials mixing abbreviations with standard text eases them into understanding the usual crochet instructions.

Crochet Terminology and Crochet Abbreviation
Crochet Abbreviations and Terminology

Counting your stitches in each row is very important.

Beginner crochet on this website has three levels of difficulty:

  • beginner (for people just starting to crochet),
  • advanced (for people with more confidence in stitches),
  • challenging (for people wanting a little more challenge in their stitches).
Crochet Hook Terminology
Crochet Hook Sizes

Crochet Hooks come in different sizes, as seen above.

Some UK terminology for tutorials and crochet sizes are different from the US. In the following instructions, I am predominantly using the US terms.

Patterns consist of rows or rounds. They can be used on projects, such as bags, blankets, baskets, hats, pullovers, to name a few.

Let me know in the comment box, if you happen to see errors in the abbreviations listed in the picture above.