Round Crochet Pot Holder

Always practical in any kitchen a pot-holder is always a great gift-idea. Made in a circular motion, the single crochet stitches are worked in the same direction to keep a clean and lean look. The dimensions are ca. ∅ 7 in. (18 cm).

1 crochet thread cotton yellow (size 3)
1 crochet thread cotton white (size 3)
1 crochet hook 3.5 mm (E-4)

(For video instructions go to bottom of the page)
Use the yellow thread and make a slip knot. Make a loop with the tail-end of the thread and start

  • 1st round: 6 sc (single crochet) and connect with 1 sl st (slip stitch).
  • 2nd round: 1 cs (chain stitch) and 2 sc in each previous sc for a total of 12 sc, mark beginning of round with a red 3-4 in. piece of thread.
  • 3rd round: 1 sc and 2x sc in individual stitch, repeat 6x for a total of 18 sc.
  • 4th – 18th round: 1sc + 1sc in each following rows, in this row 2x 1 sc and 2 sc in individual stitch for a total of 24 sc in this row. In each row you add 6 sc (4th = 24 sc, 5th = 30 sc, 6th = 36 sc, 7th = 42 sc, 8th = 48 sc, 9th = 54 sc, 10th = 60 sc, 11th = 66 sc, 12th = 72 sc, 13th = 78 sc, 14th = 84 sc, 15th = 90 sc, 16th = 96 sc, 17th = 102 sc, 18th = 108 sc).
  • 19th round: Change thread to white crochet threat and proceed the last sc-row. To make the loop for a hook, after the 6th sc, slip stitch and make 10 cs connect to previous slip-stitch with sl st, 1 cs and 15 sc around the cs. Connect and continue with sc. Sl st to connect the last sc.
  • 20th round: Make the finishing slip stitches around the project. work the tail ends into your project and cut excess.

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