Braided Crochet Lei with Red Fuzzy Yarn

Follow the instructions on how to make this great 3 strands braided crochet lei. A simple, quick, and easy crocheting pattern to show appreciation for graduation, weddings, or other events in Hawaiian style.

For the three strand lei we will need:
about 30 – 45 min.,
red rat-tail cord, or 1/4th ribbon
red fuzzy fun yarn,
6 mm needle (size J),
a pair of scissors.

Take the rat-tail cord and fuzzy fun yarn together and start to chain stitch. Make 3 chain stitch strands with 140/160 loops depending on the desired length. Tie them together on one end and braid the three strands.

Tip: Make sure the nice (loop) side of the stitches face the same direction.

When the braid is complete, tie the strands together and combine the two ends of the lei to decorate with a nice finishing ribbon. Another option is to put kukui nut at the end of the strands and tie with a ribbon.

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Creative Valérie enjoys crocheting in her free time. Having so many crochet ideas, she likes to share her crochet projects with tutorials on her website as well as on social media. For over 20 years Creative Valérie has made numerous crochet projects for family and friends. Just recently she decided to take her hobby to the next level and share her newest projects on her website as well as on social media.

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