Pointy Crochet Flowers

Follow the tutorial on how to crochet this pointy 5 petals flower. The 8 cm/3 inches in diameter flower is a wonderful addition to a multitude of creation, headbands, pillows, etc. Teasing Spring to make its appearance! The crochet society is truly a competition with its everlasting flowers.

This project is a intermediate difficulty level.
1 crochet thread cotton in various colors (size 3)
1 crochet hook 3.5 mm (E-4)

sl st slip stitch
cs chain stitch
dc double crochet
sc single crochet
tc treble crochet/triple crochet

This five petal flower will be crocheted in a circular fashion. Take your thread and make a slip knot and use your crochet hook to chain 5 stitches and connect in the first chain stitch with a sl st (slip stitch) to form a circle.
1st round: 3 cs (chain stitch) and 14 dc (double crochet) to make a disc. Connect with a sl st in 3rd cs.
2nd round: 1 cs, repeat 5 x 5 cs and 1 sc (single crochet) in 3rd dc. Conclude this row by combining after last set of 5 cs with a sl st in first cs. 5 cs form a bridge.
3th round: 1 cs, repeat in each bridge 5x 1 sc, 2 dc, 2 tc, 5 cs and sl st into first of this chain to form the point of the petal, 2 tc, 2 dc, and 1 sc. Connect with a sl st to the first cs at the end of row.

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