Halloween Crochet Card Idea

Joining the creativity of crochet and card making is a way to design unique, personal, and unusual combinations. This combination can be fun, entertaining, and display the crochet we love in an different way.

I am so excited about this crochet project and can’t wait to share it with you. So let’s get started:

Materials for the Halloween Crochet Card:

1 white crochet thread
1 black crochet thread
1 crochet hook 2mm
1 white card stock (21 cm x 14 cm)
1 black card stock (10.5 cm x 14 cm)
1 yellow card stock (10.5 cm x 14 cm)
3 brads
1 sticker letters
1 glue stick
1 zig zag scissors
1 needle

For better visualization, I am using a larger yarn, and substituted the black yarn with a mustard colored yarn.
Written instructions are bellow the video.

 For the Crochet Spider Web

SpiderWeb01 With the white thread start with a slip knot and make 10 chain stitches. Continue with 5 chain stitches that you combine to a loop. Add 21 chain stitches. Skip the first stitch from the hook and make 5 slip stitches back. For the second row make 13 chain stitches, wrap the thread five times around the hook and connect to the fifth chain stitches from the slip stitches. Pull the thread through two loops. Make 4 chain stitches and wrap thread around hook three times. Connect to forth chain stitch after connection. Make 3 chain stitches, make a double crochet in the third chain stitch from the connection. Make 3 chain stitches and connect to 5 chain stitch loop with a lip stitch.
HalloweenSpider02 This is the view of the five slip stitches to start with the second row.
SpiderWeb 02 Start row 3 with 3 chain stitches, connect with a double crochet to the previous double crochet. Continue with 3 chain stitches, connect to previous row with three wraps around the hook. Add 4 chain stitches and connect to previous row with five wraps around the hook. Make 5 chain stitches and connect with 7 wraps around the hook. Lastly make 6 chain stitches, skip the first stitch from the hook and make 5 slip stitches.
HalloweenSpider04 This is the view of the 7 wraps around the hook.
 SpiderWeb 03  Repeat row 2 and 3 to conclude the crochet spider web.

For the Crochet Spider

With the black thread connect the thread to the first chain stitch of the spider web with a slip stitch.
HalloweenSpider07 Make 2 chain stitches and 4 treble crochet which you stop at the last loop. Insert the hook in the 4th white chain stitch and make one more treble crochet. Now pull the thread through all remaining loops on the hook.
HalloweenSpider08 This concludes the body of the spider.

Now move the hook behind the white chain string and make a chain stitch. For the legs insert your hook around the last treble crochet. Make a slip stitch and continue with 5 chain stitches. Skip the first chain stitch from the hook and make 4 slip stitches. Connect to the treble crochet with a slip stitch. Make 4 legs on each side.

HalloweenSpider09 The completed spider now dangles on the string of chain stitches from the center of the spider web.

For the Card

Halloween Spider Card Fold the white card stock from 21 cm x 14 cm to 10.5 cm x 14 cm. Glue the
black card stock onto the front of the white base card. Cut the yellow card stock with a decorative pair of scissors. Place the spider web onto the yellow card stock and fasten it with the three brads.
Halloween Card Glue the yellow card stock onto the black card stock. With letter stickers decorate the yellow card part.

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