Fuzzy Yellow Crochet Lei

Follow the tutorial on how to crochet this fuzzy crochet lei. A great crochet idea for weddings, graduations, or any special event. This lei was created because I got tired of having the straw-made leis unravel on me. Crocheting a lei yourself is as special as a making a flower lei.

For this lei we need:
about 1 hour,
2 dark brown kukui nuts,
2 x 15″ long 3/8″-wide yellow ribbon,
multi-color yellow-orange-red rat-tail cording,
yellow fun fur 0r Shiny Matical yarn or other fun fuzzy yarn
choose your own color variation.
This yellow lei is a wonderful, and memorable gift to a special occasion: graduation, ceremonies, special achievements.

Take the rat-tail and fun fur yarn together and start with four chain loops. Connect by inserting into the first chain. Single crochet in each chain stitch and spiral until you reach a length of 36 to 40 inches. Connect the yellow ribbons to the two ends of the lei. Pull ribbon through kukui nut holes and fasten with a knot. You can brush the lei let the fuzzy yarn come out better.

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Creative Valérie enjoys crocheting in her free time. Having so many crochet ideas, she likes to share her crochet projects with tutorials on her website as well as on social media. For over 20 years Creative Valérie has made numerous crochet projects for family and friends. Just recently she decided to take her hobby to the next level and share her newest projects on her website as well as on social media.

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