Double Crochet Stitch

Learn how to make a double crochet by wrapping the thread around the hook once. The stitches can be made through the front, the back, or both loop thread parts, depending the look you want to give your project. In this example we insert the hook through both thread parts of the loop. Both sides, front and back, of the project will look the same.

Double Crochet Stitch 1  Step 1:
At the beginning of the row start with two chain stitches. Wrap the thread around your crochet hook once, over the top of your hook.
Double Crochet right 01
Double Crochet 2  Step 2:
Skip the two chain stitches. Insert your crochet hook from the front toward the back of the stitch loop from the previous row. You have then two thread parts of the loop on your crochet hook. Now hook in the thread.
Double Crochet right 02
Double Crochet Stitch 3 For the next few steps you will pull the hooked thread through two thread loops, and each time hooking the thread again.Step 3:

Grab the thread and pull it through the two thread parts of the loop.

Double Crochet right 03
Double Crochet Stitch 4 Step 4:
Hook in the thread…
Double Crochet right 04
Double Crochet Stitch 5 Step 5:
… pull the thread through two thread loops.
Double Crochet right 05
Double Crochet Stitch 6 Step 6:
Hook the thread one last time to conclude the double crochet stitch.
Double Crochet right 06
Double Crochet Stitch Step 7:
Pull the thread through the last two loops. You have made a double crochet. Continue from step 1 through step 7 for each double crochet you are making.
Double Crochet right


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