Crochet Snowflake

Crochet Snowflake - Seasonal Decoration The Crochet Snowflake adds a decorative accent for a wintery flair as an ornament on a tree, on clothing, on bags, or other items. It has the dimensions of ∅ ca. 4 inches or ∅ ca. 10 cm.

This snowflake is fun to make with chain stitches, single crochet stitch, double crochets.

Read on for written instruction on how to make this crochet snowflake or watch video below instructions.

Materials needed for this Crochet Snowflake:

  • 1 skein of cotton crochet yarn
  • 1 crochet hook size 4 (2mm)
  • 1 pair of scissors

Instructions to this Crochet Snowflake:

  • cs = chain stitch
  • dc = double crochet
  • sc = single crochet
  • sl st = slip stitch

How to start the crochet snowflake.
How to start the crochet snowflake.
Start with a slip knot on your hook.
Make a loop with the tail-end of the yarn.
Make 6 single crochet (sc) around the loop of the tail-end.
Tighten to a circle by pulling the tail-end.
Make a slip stitch (sl st) to connect this row.
For the second row:
Start with a chain stitch (cs) for the hight of a sc, and make two sc in each previous sc for a total count of 12 sc. Connect this row with a sl st.

Phase 2 of the crochet snowflake.
Phase 2 of the crochet snowflake.
For the third row:
Start with 3 cs to get to the hight of a double crochet (dc).
Next make a dc into the first previous sc.
Then crochet 5 cs for the bridge.
Repeat 5x this sequence: Skip 1 previous sc and make 2 dc in the next previous sc. Then make 5 cs.
At last connect the last cs to the third cs from the beginning of this row to for a 6 petal flower shape.

Cross- and Bridge Section
Cross- and Bridge Section
For the forth row:
You will alternate the cross- and the bridge-section 6x.
Start with a cs for the hight of sc in this row.
The Cross-Section:
6 cs, skipping the first cs from the hook, make a sc in each of 3 cs to form a block.
Repeat 2x: 4 cs, skipping the first cs from the hook, make a sc in each of 3 cs.
You have 3 blocks now. Combine them with a sl st in the cs of the first block, to form a cross.
In the next 2 cs remaining make in each a sc.
For the Bridge-Section:
Make a sc into the dc from below.
Around the chain-bridge make 3 ss, continue with 3 cs to form a peek, and add 3 more sc around the chain-bridge. Make also a sc into the dc from below and start alternating cross-section and bridge section until you have 6 of each. Connect the last sc from the bridge with a sl st to the first cs.

Finishing Touch to Snowflake
Finishing Touch to Snowflake
Cut the yarn a few inches from your last stitch. Pull the yarn through and work it into the back of your project. Tie knots at both ends of the yarn close to your project and cut the excess of the yarn.

Check out the video instructions on this Crochet Snowflake for more information and visual hints on how to make this project.

For crocheter with some knowledge:

For beginning crochet, watch the detailed video:

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