Easter Egg Holder

Make a unique crochet decoration for Easter by following the crocheting tutorial on how to make crochet egg holders. It’s a great crochet idea for Easter.  Not only for Easter, you can display your hard-boiled eggs for a Sunday breakfast or brunch all-year-round.

This project is a medium difficulty level.
1 crochet thread cotton in various colors (size 3)
1 crochet hook 3.5 mm (E-4)

For the pictured Egg holders, take your thread and make a slip knot and applying your crochet hook chain 6 and connect with the first loop to form a circle with a sl st (slip stitch).

  • 1st round: 3 cs (chain stitch) and 14 dc (double crochet) in circle. Connect with a sl st in 3rd cs.
  • 2nd round: 1 cs plus 5 cs, repeat 4x 1 sc (single crochet) in 3rd dc and 5 cs. Conclude this row by combining with a sl st in first cs.
  • 3th round: 1 cs, repeat 5x 1 sc, 3 dc, 5 cs, 3 dc, and 1 sc in each previous 5 cs gap. Connect with a sl st to the first cs at the end of row.
  • 4th round: sl st in 3 dc and 2 cs, start with 3 cs plus 5 cs, repeat 5x 1 dc in bottom cs-arch, 5 cs, 1 dc in same bottom cs loop. Conclude this row by combining with a sl st in third cs.
  • 5th round: 4 cs, repeat 5x 4 cs, 1 sc in center of cs-arch, 4 cs, 3 tc (treble crochet) combined in the loop, 4 cs, 3 tc (treble crochet) combined in the loop, 4 cs, 3 tc (treble crochet) combined in the loop. Conclude this row by combining with a sl st in fourth cs.
  • Finishing bud: Now turn your work around. Make 2sl st in cs, 4 cs and 1 sc in bottom cs-arch make, 4 cs and 1 sc in bottom cs-arch. Turn your work around. 2 sl st in cs, 6 cs, 1 sl st to finish this bud. Sl st to the next bud to second cs of first cs-arch and repeat 4x as finishing bud instruction.

Drench with starch, or thick sugar water, and let dry in little glasses to form and stiffen.

Five Petals Crochet Flower

Follow the instructions on how to crochet this five petals crochet flower. A cute crochet idea for decorations of headbands, cushions, bags, etc. Let your imagination guide you.

ch chain stitch
sc single crochet
sl st slip stitch
tr triple stitch

Material needed
For this crochet flower we will need:
about 10 – 15 min.,
crochet yarn,
crochet needle (size E),
a pair of scissors,
a sewing needle (if needed).

Start with a slip-knot and 5 cs.
Round 1: Make 10 sc and fasten into the first sc of this round.
Round 2: 2 ch, 5 tr in the loop of the cr below, 2 ch, and sl st in next loop. Multiply this sequence 5 times.

Voilà !

Crochet Basket

Follow the video tutorial on how to crochet a basket to contain your yarn. Crocheting a round basket with cotton yarn by using a circular crochet pattern. This basket comes in handy whenever crafting with yarn. It can also be useful in bathrooms, on shelves, or wherever you may have it.

Material needed:
cotton yarn, natural color
crochet hook H-8; 5 mm
a pair of scissors

Start with a chain of 6 chain stitches and combine with a slip stitch.

  • 1 round: Make 12 single crochet around the ring of chains, mark the end of the row with a scrap piece of yarn, preferably a different color.
  • 2 – 18 round: In each round add 6 single crochets evenly, and mark the beginning of each round with the scrap yarn piece.
  • 19 – 33 round: Continue crocheting single crochets without adding single crochets, to make the basket wall.

At the end work your yarn into the basket.

Fuzzy Yellow Crochet Lei

Follow the tutorial on how to crochet this fuzzy crochet lei. A great crochet idea for weddings, graduations, or any special event. This lei was created because I got tired of having the straw-made leis unravel on me. Crocheting a lei yourself is as special as a making a flower lei.

For this lei we need:
about 1 hour,
2 dark brown kukui nuts,
2 x 15″ long 3/8″-wide yellow ribbon,
multi-color yellow-orange-red rat-tail cording,
yellow fun fur 0r Shiny Matical yarn or other fun fuzzy yarn
choose your own color variation.
This yellow lei is a wonderful, and memorable gift to a special occasion: graduation, ceremonies, special achievements.

Take the rat-tail and fun fur yarn together and start with four chain loops. Connect by inserting into the first chain. Single crochet in each chain stitch and spiral until you reach a length of 36 to 40 inches. Connect the yellow ribbons to the two ends of the lei. Pull ribbon through kukui nut holes and fasten with a knot. You can brush the lei let the fuzzy yarn come out better.