Chain Stitch – A Basic Stitch

The first of all stitches that you will learn in crochet is a chain stitch.  All crocheting projects use this stitch. There is also a video visual instruction, if you’d like. Learn how to make a chain succession and make a simple Hawaiian Lei.

Crochet a Chain Stitch, basic stitch step 1 left-handed
Step 1 cs – left-handed
With the hook in one hand grab the yarn that is guided by your other hand.

Crochet cs step 1 right-handed
Step 1 cs – right-handed

cs, step 2 left-handed
Step 2 cs – left-handed
Pull the yarn through the yarn-loop with your crochet hook.

Crochet cs, step 2 right-handed
Step 2 cs – right-handed

Crochet cs step 3 left-handed
Step 3 cs – left-handed
Adjust the chain stitch by tugging with your hook or pulling the yarn around your index finger.

Crochet cs, step 3 right-handed
Step 3 cs – right-handed

For a better understanding and visual aid, watch the video:

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