Santa’s Coat Crochet Bowl

Crochet Santa's Coat Bowl

“Santa’s Big Belly full with Goodies”

This year, I decided crocheting a cute little Santa inspired bowl for teachers’ appreciation in my daughters’ school. By applying Santa’s colors with the red yarn and the accent with the white furry edge this bag filled with goodies has a big success. Especially the children asked if they could get one.

Crochet Basket

Follow the video tutorial on how to crochet a basket to contain your yarn. Crocheting a round basket with cotton yarn by using a circular crochet pattern. This basket comes in handy whenever crafting with yarn. It can also be useful in bathrooms, on shelves, or wherever you may have it.

Material needed:
cotton yarn, natural color
crochet hook H-8; 5 mm
a pair of scissors

Start with a chain of 6 chain stitches and combine with a slip stitch.

  • 1 round: Make 12 single crochet around the ring of chains, mark the end of the row with a scrap piece of yarn, preferably a different color.
  • 2 – 18 round: In each round add 6 single crochets evenly, and mark the beginning of each round with the scrap yarn piece.
  • 19 – 33 round: Continue crocheting single crochets without adding single crochets, to make the basket wall.

At the end work your yarn into the basket.